Why do I have to give my address?

The only purpose for giving your address when registering is to calculate mileage and show the closest house churches to your home. Your address will not be seen or shared with anyone. The process will require you to make contact and communicate by phone before you agree to share your address. We do not sell your information or share it with anyone else.
Simple Flyer

Get a sign printed and put it in your yard and where your town allows signage! Chances are if your neighbors go to Find A House Church, they will see you at the top of the list! Simple Sign Example

If you attend a brick and mortar church, go to the leadership and tell them about the FREE LANDING PAGE where they can have their own mini-site and encourage them to list their Small Groups. Any gathering in a home is allowed to be listed for free on Find A House Church.

You can be as creative as you would like to be! Build whole networks of house churches and begin to create events where you bring everyone together for an Open Air Worship night! WE ARE THE CHURCH and the Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit that built the Church from the beginning.

Connecting the Body of Jesus Christ (Outside the walls) to fulfill the Great Commission and give to those in need.