For the safety of everyone involved and because this is such an intimate relational endeavor, there must be a communication process in place. There will be no physical addresses displayed on the website. We pray that you make lifelong friends and grow in the love of Jesus!


Creating your own personal profile is required to use the website and we need your address to conduct a search. Your address will not be shared with anyone and it won’t be seen on
the website.


You can search for House Churches by selecting from the dropdown menu. You can search by church affiliation, denomination, unaffiliated house churches, and ALL. The website will present your selection based on the House Churches closest to your address.


Once you conduct a search and check out the various options, you can choose to reach out to the host of a House Church you are interested in attending. You must simply fill out the simple form on their House Church Page and then wait for their response. You can contact several or just one. You will be able to take notes on your
interaction in your profile.


Once you have reached out to the house church you would like to visit, then it is in their court to respond to you. Through the online form, your email will go to their email and to their profile. If the form doesn’t work for any reason or it goes to spam, then their emails are provided to email directly.

Connecting the Body of Jesus Christ (Outside the walls) to fulfill the Great Commission and give to those in need.