Thank you for your consideration in partnering with us to create house churches around the world! However, this is just a small part of a much larger vision. Find A House Church is just one of FIVE (free to use) websites being created by our non-profit called Central Storehouse. You can see our full vision for connecting the Body of Jesus outside the brick and mortar walls at www.CentralStorehouse.org. The ministry doesn’t stop at connecting God’s people, but provides a genuine “Storehouse” for FIVE specific Outreach Objectives…Food, Water, Free the Captives, Orphans & Widows, and Supporting Israel. These things meant something to Jesus, so they need to mean something to us.


When you give to Central Storehouse, you are giving directly to ministry…NOT personal gain on anyone’s part. Every dollar goes back into the ministry expansion and ultimately to the outreach objectives. The officers of the organization are all bi-vocational, meaning they have other jobs that support them and their families. They are not compensated in any way through Central Storehouse or ministries we support. We all volunteer our time and resources to make this organization happen in a way that presents our ONE motive…Love Jesus and Love Others. To clarify, we do not fault others for being compensated in ministry. We just wanted to show something different to the world. If you would like to give to Central Storehouse and see our vision grow, we would LOVE for you to partner with us! In the meantime, please use our websites to the fullest to grow the Kingdom of God in the world around you!!

Connecting the Body of Jesus Christ (Outside the walls) to fulfill the Great Commission and give to those in need.